Prairie Grass Cafe


It is with pleasure that we invite you to participate in our Ambassador's Program. Thank you for advocating for Prairie Grass and for helping us grow our family-owned business. We love what we do and we want to share the best of what we have with you and your friends! We are grateful for your support and business.

Cindy Kurman
Bonnie Siegel
Lillian Chen-Byerley
Chuck Smith
Carol Wagner
Margo Serlin
John Hardie
Carolyn Williams Meza
John Fish
Lori Metsa
Harold Kudan
Melanie Anderson
Marla Seibold
Jessica Cipicchio
Alan Bresloff
Thomas Roszak
Bonny Davidson
Jared Magill
Gil Sharon
Rosa and Lou Ebling
Vikki Vicaldo
Lisa Cooper
Alice Chen
Carol Wagner
Mary Alvarado
Gil Sharon
Myrna Petlicki
John Petlicki
Crystal A. Stevens
Len Klein
Sandra Camugnaro
Deborah Prill
Bill Pullin
Kathy Greenberger
Steve Slaggert
Erin O’Connell
Dr. Benjamin Fiss
Lisa Cooper
Alice Chen
Martha McGuire
Ray Davis
Bill Salvato
Suzanne Webster
Sam Bloodgood
Emmett Wilson
Darren Gest
Wayne Silverman
Kathy Menighan
Melissa Levine
Tom Herlocker
Teresa Walsh

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